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What cap material is advisable to wear post 2 month after hair transplant?

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i thought as long as the scabbing is resolved, hats should be fine? most of the worry on hat is that it might pull the scabs out before it heals, damaging the grafts.

if it's going to be cold, if you're already pass the first 2 week, it should be fine to wear hats/beanies, if anything it might protect them from the sheer cold.

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There's no chance of dislodging the grafts after the first 2 weeks, so at 2 months post-op, you should be able to wear any hat you want at that point. Of course, every surgeon is going to have their own set of arbitrary guidelines, so always feel free to get your own surgeon's input if you wish... But I'd say wear whatever you'd like! :)

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