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Got a quote from Dr. Gökhan Gür (FUECapilar), but...

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Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but...I received a quote whereby they will charge me only 1.25 Euro/graft, with the doctor himself will be design, extraction, and opening of channels.

This seems like a really good deal compared to other Turkish clinics/surgeons who are charging anywhere from 2.5-2.8 Euro/graft.
In fact, this sounds like too good of a deal (almost mirroring the quotes I was getting from hair mill clinics).

Should I go for it?

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not really unbelieveable. as far as i see his work here, i there are only a few results, but all of them are good and i haven't heard anything bad from him yet. it might be because of the low number of cases but he seems to be somewhat well regarded at the very least.

back before dr bicer exploded in popularity, she charges 1.25€ per graft, which then becomes 1.5€, and then 2€. i heard lately she changed into 2.5€ which is rather expensive for her. then again she is in high demand at the moment so i guess she can raise her pricing. although at that price point, there are more proven dr.

for dr gur, he isn't popular with tons of demands at the moment, so i think it's quite a good deal if we're just looking at his successes and that he does all the crucial steps himself. there's dr yaman at 1€ per graft but he won't be doing the steps himself as iirc he does 3x operation a day, so theres some technician / other dr work. mine was at 1.5€ by demirsoy which is slightly higher than dr gur.

i think if thats the budget you can afford, it's a good option. otherwise, there are many good doctors in europe that does great job. they will cost you around 2.5-4€ though.

for turkey, 2.5€++ is already on the top pricing range.


*edit : for your information, hair mill usually takes 4000 grafts for 2-3k, which means around 0.5-0.75€/$ per graft. they sometime even force you for high grafts number even if you only want a little, maybe because otherwise their shoddy work will be very apparent. alot of grafts are wasted, dead, or transected.

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