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Donor Hair Capacity With Giga Sessions

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It seems online 6-8k donor hairs are the safe limit available for most men. Some could be less and some extremely dense donors could be more. My question is how do some of the clinics who do giga sessions(8-10k+ grafts) seem to get away with that donor limit? It almost seems as if there is always hope for a nw7 if they have a decent donor. Is this true or long term will all those giga sessions end up in thinned donors? Also I don’t want to name drop those clinics but I see many of them advertised and I’m not talking Turkey Hair Mills. Some of them are even talked about on here.

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They utilize beard grafts, also those top clinics carefuly analyze each patients donor, there has to be a mutual trust between patient & clinic. If top surgen says a patient can handle 9k grafts then most likely they can. 

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