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Can You guys estimate how many Hair Grafts would I require for this ?

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Hi Guys, 

I am thinking about getting a touch up Hair Transplant Procedure to complement my earlier hair transplant procedures. Just to give you a background of what I have done so far, I have had 4 procedures done in the past, two major, and two minor, small touch up procedures. In these 4 procedures that I have done so far I would have used about 6000 Hair Grafts roughly in total, but I feel I need some improvement  and this time I’m talking about bolstering, strengthening some areas which I think were left and neglected in all my procedures this includes some gaps on the left side of my partition, some hair grafts just behind my hair line, the gaps just behind my hair line, I think this is a very newly created space that I’m seeing, makes me feel perhaps and maybe I have lost some minor small number of hair here in the recent years. And I am also thinking about using some hair grafts maybe 150-200 Hair grafts in my hairline. As I have mentioned I have exhausted all my back scalp donor hair so this time I am thinking about using my beard hair and some hair from my side locks and I want to use this in the above location which I have mentioned.

Please the attached pictures of the area where I would like some Hair to be Transplanted.

So now you may ask what is the problem ? what is the difficulty ? the challenge here is, I am planning to use beard hair in areas (This is in my Left Side Parting) which predominantly have very fine in texture and fine quality hair, however having said that I also feel since I am not going to use beard hair in the first 2-3 rows of my hairline I think I may just get away with this, in addition of giving a Camouflaging effect, it will also nicely blend with the rest of the hair in that area. And in the frontal hair line area that you see I am planning to use sidelocks hair there and beard hair again in the area in the back of my hairline. So on my side partition I am planning to use beard hair, someone would argue that why would you want to use beard hair in these areas but since I am left with no other choice. The only fine hair quality hair that I have left is the hair from my sidelocks which appear very close in quality and appear to be the same quality as my scalp hair which can be used in the Hairline area. So I am in a fix of where to use these limited amount of Sidelocks that I may have (200 Hair Grafts at the most, 100 hair grafts from each side locks)

So can you guys tell me what do you think about this?

I also happened to have consulted some doctors here including Dr. Konior, Dr. Arocha and Dr. Feriduni on this, and they happened to say that especially for the hair that you want to put on the left side partition in the between area, that could be a tricky decision because you’re trying to transplant hair in an area which is not completely bald, there are some surrounding native hairs in that area and because of that you would stand a risk of suffering shock loss in that area (To the Native Hair) so that is a potential risk that you would have to take into consideration. And with shock loss nobody knows if it is a permanent shock loss or a temporary phenomenon.

But I have added one more picture of my side parting, if you guys can clearly see there are certain areas which are very clearly visible where I don’t think there are too many surrounding hair so if I don’t try to too much dense pack that entire left side partition and just try to fill in the gaps which are very easily evident and visible do you think this might just work? So can you guys tell me what do you guys think about this?  

Also please have a look at my Side Parting Hair when my hair is about 3 Months Old Grown. When it is 3 Months grown it looks like this- https://i.postimg.cc/k4GmSGpL/Left-Side-Parting-3.jpg

Please also have a look at my attached pictures.

Thanks in Advance !

Left Side Parting-1.jpg

Left Side Parting-2.jpg



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