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can finasteride turn miniturisated hair into healthy hairs again?

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it can strengthen and/or regrow miniaturized hair, but this is the exception rather than the norm. 

My non-scientific anecdotal evidence is that Fin works best for regrowth if you are in your late teens/early 20s, start Fin very very very soon after you notice MPB, and your balding is really not that bad to begin with. 

The Reddit hairloss forums have a decent amount of threads with young dudes who have regrowth. 

But again, you really can't expect regrowth with Fin or Dut. 

FWIW: my experience has been 2 years on Fin followed by 3 years and counting on Dut. 

I sense there has not been any regrowth, but I have not noticed further hairloss, so I feel the medication is working its expected purporse. 

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Yes but also depends as to much the hairs have miniaturised. If you are able to see fringes of thin hairs on your scalp then yes good chance it can reverse them into being thick but if they are far gone then no nothing can turn them thick.

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It can in some rare cases but keep in mind this is the exception and definitely not the rule. 

The reality is for most people all it does is slow down significantly further miniaturization of the existing hair follicles. 

It is certainly a very effective drug. But you gotta start Finasteride very early. 

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