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Anesthesia Tips?

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Hi all,

I have a FUE procedure coming up at Hasson & Wong (Dr. Hasson is doing my procedure), and while I am excited to finally fix my hairline.. I am incredibly nervous about the anesthetic injections. I have a fairly low tolerance for pain. I understand they can give some kind of drug to calm my nervousness, but can anyone explain how they found this part of the procedure? Is it really that bad? Or is it one of those things that's worse in your head, but when it's happening it's very manageable?

Literally any advice or recounting of your experience (good or bad) will be extremely helpful. I just want to fully understand what it feels like, how bad it really hurts, and what to expect. Then I'll feel more mentally prepared.

Thanks all!

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so you are obviously over thinking it...which is not a good thing but at least you are somewhat prepared for it....as far as having a low tolerance for pain lol, everyone is different but personally I have a high tolerance and also dreaded the injections and yes you will definitely feel them but it lasts about 1-2 minutes and its over, its the anticipation that kills....just take it like a man lol good luck.

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