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Gabapentin + Hair Transplant

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6 minutes ago, Future Hair Doc said:

No, gabapentin won't impact your hair transplant. That's a weird medication to be on for anxiety. Gabapentin is usually used for neuropathic pain and is sedating too.

For what its worth it works amazing for my anxiety. I don't find it addictive either (I've been prescribed it for 6 years and still only take it occasionally and when I need it). None of the horrible addiction or other abuse issues found with benzos. 

It's mildly sedating for me towards the end of the night when it starts to wear off. But "sedating" is not in the top 10 adjectives I would use to describe it, and I would not describe it as a sedative like I would a sleep aid or even alcohol. 

To each their own though, everyone is wired differently. 

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