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How hard is it to knock follicles loose after FUT?

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My surgeon told me after 5-7 days the follicles are set but prior to that you have to be careful not to knock them loose.
How hard is it to keep from disturbing the new follicles after an FUT for the first week?
Knowing me, I can see myself hitting my head or reaching up to scratch or rolling over at night, etc.

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I'm 23 days post-OP, so this is a very recent memory.  Prop yourself up with pillows to stay elevated and roll up a towel and put it around your neck (or use an airplane pillow).  I had 3 pillows under me to prop me up at a 45 degree angle and even added one on each side to of keep me in place/my hands occupied even more.  I had zero problem with rolling over and I generally prefer sleeping on my side.  Other than that, I used only the "cup method" of washing through the first 6 days, and then used a gentle shower-head stream the next two days.  I didn't really start scrubbing until day 8 and then vigorously with a regular shower-head at day 9.  I had no issues.  Throughout each day I basically just sat around and did nothing.  On day 3 I had to make a drive from Long Island to eastern Ohio, which was nerve-wracking to some extent, but other than that I did absolutely nothing to risk the grafts.    Remember, scabs won't negatively impact the final result if you just have a few small ones that persist.  Just use reasonable amounts of pressure and the vast majority should dissipate - the rest will ultimately go away at some point.  Good luck and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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