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Help choosing a surgeon

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Hi again everyone,

I thought it would be best to start another topic for this.

Thanks a lot everyone so far for your input and opinions on my last forum.


I have taken everyones feedback seriously and got an appointment with a dermatologist to assess if I have dupa.  I was told I certainly don’t have dupa and I actually have a very thick donor area. The previous donor pics are poor quality, short hair and honestly just a crap haircut😂 she also mentioned how curly and wavy my hair is and that is probably the reason it can look abit sparse when its short.

- Money is a factor 

- Timing is a greater factor as I am returning to work in July and realistically I wouldn’t have another opportunity to go ahead with this procedure if I don't go for it now

- I want density and a thick & youthful hairline.

Taking everyones advice I have genuinely  done a lot of research on the recommended surgeons but for varying reasons, I gave taken each of them off my list.

I have narrowed it down to Dr. Yaman and Dr.Gür from fuecapilar.


- €2,150

- 3,500-4,000 grafts 

- Yaman does consultation, assessment, hairline design and channel openings

- yamans team does extraction and incision 


Dr. Gür

- €2,500

- roughly 3,400+ grafts 

- Dr. Gür does consultation, hairline design, channel openings

- his team does extraction and incisions

just a note on both surgeons, I have researched both surgeons work and results a good bit. I have seen a lot of good results, handful of great results and 1 or 2 bad results (1 of which I didn’t think was a bad result at all).

With Dr.Gür from Fuecapilar, he has a great reputation (especially on fb pages, as well as on here) and I often see people recommend him over Yaman. However, I have struggled to find many examples of his work with many of them not showing end results. So I’m just wondering where people are seeing his work because hes often mentioned.

These are my options and I would appreciate any feedback, opinions and experiences on who you think I should go with between the 2.

thanks again guys



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While I won’t address your question directly in terms of which of the two surgeons you’ve narrowed your selection down to select, I will say this.

If you are 100% convinced that you are going to select one of the two above mentioned surgeons then I recommend consulting with both and determining which one you feel you connect with most and you feel will personally be more in line  in meetings your objectives and hair restoration goals.  You also should ask yourself which one you are most impressed with after viewing dozens of examples of their results posted by both the surgeon and patients.  Getting specific input by asking questions is certainly good to however don’t forget to use that search feature to find patient posted experiences and results already presented on this and other forums.

just as a sidenote, be careful limiting your selection based on finances and location. If you are limited by time, money or location, I suggest taking the time you need to save money and or have the time to get it done right the first time.  Like I said, these are not comments or cautions based on the surgeons you’ve mentioned, just a general rule that it is important to abide by.

Best wishes, 

Rahal Hair Transplant 

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Rahal Hair Transplant Institute - Answers to questions, posts or any comments from this account should not be taken or construed as medical advice.    All comments are the personal opinions of the poster.  

Dr. Rahal is a member of the Coalition of Independent of Hair Restoration Physicians.

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Virtually any clinic worth its salt has a waiting list that wouldn't allow you to have surgery until Thanksgiving - and that's if you booked now.  Some wouldn't even be able to schedule you until almost this time next year.  It's impossible for anyone here to assess which Doc might be best for your particular situation without pictures.  

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rahal and john has pointed out the important thing, and best course of action.

however if youre constrained by time and money, and really need/want to do it with the said constraint... from my observation here :

1. dr. yaman has few numbers of unsatisfying work, but this can be attributed to the number of work he does, its normal to have for example 5 bad work out of 100, and so, 50 out of 1.000 is the same % of chance.

2. dr. gur, the post here on his results are mostly good, but there aren't as much reviews here as fuecapilar seems newer *fuecapilar is the agency that works with dr.gur. seems like he did very well however.

as for myself, for turkey i considered both dr yaman and dr gur, but i opted for dr.demirsoy (had quite a few member reccomending, but lately i haven't seen more work of his lately. he is also more expensive than the 2, but cheaper compared to others.)

i'm glad that you did plenty research and compared your option, and it seems you are left with deciding from the two.  imo you should pick one with more doctor involvement and one where the tech is more experienced + gives better result *hard to research on the tech though

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