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Can you get the maximum number of grafts with FUE alone now, or do you still need FUE?

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1. I just saw Dr. Hasson's video that says he gave up on FUT. Does this mean you can maximize your number of grafts with FUE alone, without FUT? Do you still need to do both to get the maximum grafts? I remember a post here from a year ago. The moderator said you need FUE and FUT to max out. 

I've had 3 FUT's.  I can probably do 2 more FUT's and then FUE. (I have enough laxity for 2 more FUT's.) But I would prefer to do only FUE's going forward.  

2. Also, if you need to do both to max out, can you do an FUE before you do your last FUT? (I'd prefer putting off FUT's and doing an FUE now.) 

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