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Where can I buy Oral Minoxidil in the UK? + any Shampoo recommendations post HT?

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Hi All

I am 4 weeks post op (full review posted and pending approval by a moderator) FUE with Dr. Pekiner and have been advised to start oral Minoxidil at 2.mg per day.

Can anyone recommend a good place to get this from within the UK? I know I will need a prescription and I'm currently in the process of obtaining this.

Also, any recommendation's for a good shampoo? I'm currently using Sebamed and wondered if I could continue using this long-term? I am definitely considering Nizoral, but ive read that it shouldn't be used as a daily/regular shampoo due to its harshness? I plan to use it once, a week alongside another shampoo. perhaps from the Bulldog range?

As always, any help would be much appreciated.


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About a week ago I created a post under ‘Hair transplant experiences and surgeon reviews’ however it’s not available to the public yet. 

it needs to be reviewed by one of the forum moderators before it is. Hopefully it will be reviewed soon.

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