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My DHT procedure with Dr Arika Bansal ; 3208 grafts @ Eugenix


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I'm not very good at doing write-ups, but having learnt so much from everyone on this forum, I thought of sharing my journey too for the benefit of fellow members.

I just turned 51 years old and I'd been suffering from MPB since 20 long years. Lately I felt that my baldness was affecting my social life and therefore I started to seriously consider getting a transplant procedure done. My first procedure was an FUT+FUE procedure, I also went for a fleming mayer flap procedure around the same time. I was satisfied, however, the hair growth and density wasn't phenomenal. I've been on Finasteride for an year now and started Dutasteride about six months back to which my hair have responded well, completely arresting the hair fall that I was experiencing earlier.

I wanted to improve my hair density further in the frontal, mid & crown area for which I chose Eugenix. My surgery experience was great and I would say that Eugenix lived up to its reputation of being one of the most professional and ethical clinics around. Dr Arika understood my expectations really well and accordingly suggested the best possible outcome, to which I couldn't agree more. They did not disturb the implanted hair from my past procedures, which was important. A total of 3208 grafts were implanted, out of which 2001 grafts were extracted from my beard. Sharing some of my pictures here and will be updating you guys about the progress :





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Welcome @FlyingBeast to the forum. You still have a lot of hair for 50. You’ve chosen one of the best clinics out there (and the best in my opinion when it comes to utilizing beard grafts). Happy growing and I look forward to your updates. 

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