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Why patients across the globe trust Eugenix-India for their hair restoration ?

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He came to Eugenix for his second sitting recently, wherein he got some density filling done for his crown area along with a minor touch-up for the hairline & FTAs. His first sitting with Eugenix turned out to be a major success during which 3031 grafts were implanted on his frontal & mid scalp area, the stupendous results of which can be seen in this video. Classified as a Norwood 4A case, he had come to Eugenix after having tried medications like Minoxidil for 30 odd years and PRP therapies elsewhere. His receded hairline was re-created at a height of 8 cm from the glabella, which couldn’t have looked more natural just after one year of his procedure.













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Wowwww, this was hidden from the peoples. Great work, Crown and the donor got truly great density. 
The hair line looks fabulous. I love those sharp temples too. Great work Eugenix.  

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