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FUT in Turkey or abroad?

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Hi everyone,

I think I am a better candidate for an FUT transplant, and I wanted to know if there was any doctor in Turkey that does both FUT and FUE? I know a lot of people think FUE is better, but I want a doctor who can do both. I don't want/need a Megasession or anything either (and tbh I'm nervous about doctors who do Megasessions).

I would also be open to traveling somewhere other than Turkey, I just want to know of somewhere on the less expensive side (less than the USA at least) that does FUT also and preferably a member of ABHRS and IHRSH.

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Dr Bicer in Turkey has experience of FUT, but you might need to check she is still performing it. Not seen any recent cases. 
Looking further afield, Medispa (India) does FUT/FUE/BHT. And then Hattingen (Swiss) who again are capable in FUT/FUE
Dr Bisanga (Belgium) is also a good option FUT/FUE/BHT and/or combo hts. 

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10 minutes ago, hairlossguy said:

Thank you for the recommendations. I see some are IHRSH members, but do you know anyone who is also an ABHRS member too?

Here’s the forums full recommended list:


But as regards to being members of ABHRS or ISHRS it’s more important that a Dr/Clinic is doing consistent good work. Being members of either doesn’t guarantee they are the best Drs. 
Some of the best In the world are not affiliated with either. And on the same token some of the worst are members of one or both ! 


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