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Oral Minoxidil and Topical Minoxidil together


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I am currently taking 2.5MG of oral minoxidil (generic) once a day at night for hair loss. Curious to know if it’s ok to use topical foam for beard growth in the morning or do you think that’s too much minoxidil in my system? 

Thanks in advance. 

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I have been taking oral Minoxidil and Dutasteride since April of this year. I noticed some facial hair growth on my left side, hairs in my ears and nose hairs seem to grow longer. I also notice my eye lashes got a bit longer. 
I seen a bunch of small hairs on my scalp but I wasn’t sure if it’s new growth or hair thinning since I always shaved my head due to having SMP done a couple years ago. I just had a FUE (3195 graphs) transplant a couple days ago, hopefully those hairs will grow longer and thick as the newly implanted hairs start to grow. 
I was taking 5MG or oral minoxidil but the HT doc said 2.5MG is better. I have but I agree with him because I noticed the growth with 2.5MG the with 5MG. I didn’t have any side effects with 5MG. 

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