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Bumped head in taxi hours after FUT! :/ Sighs...


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Hi Guys

Just had a FUT, 4500 grafts at a reputable clinic which I sourced on this great site.

After my first day's operation (2500 on Day 1), I was groggy in the taxi back to the hotel and chatting to my friendly driver.

As I got out, I bumped my front right on the underside of the door....HOrror!

There was padding on the  underside of the door, and also gauze and a bandana on my head but I did feel a gentle bump.  

Two hours after it, I took the attached pic.  Rang the clinic and they got me to come back to check for displaced grafts. Only one came out - towards the back, bizarrely. The doc also said there was no bruising which was a good sign, though the site looks more livid there.

Can't stop worrying that I did some really significant damage to that front right section and that I'll have an uneven bald patch there...sighs.

Also attached a pic from today - Day 7.  

Have I gone and ruined the FUT with a single moment of absent-mindedness?  I now wish I'd been grumpy in the taxi and this wouldn't have happened...







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Starting from Day 1 up until Day 10, grafts get more and more secure, and after Day 10 it is near impossible to accidentally bump out grafts. 

So yes to be completely honest, bumping your head on Day 1, it is totally realistic that you could have lost some grafts from bumping your head. It depends on the force of the bump, etc. 

It's nice you saw the doc again shortly after. If the doctor is ethical and trustworthy and he says everything still looks good, then you are probably good. 1 lost graft won't make or break your HT

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I’m the champion head bumper mate ..in car just like you  to airport hours after HT1 and Bang full square on top of head against inside roof of car ..

Bang again 6 Days after HT 2 against a low slung castle door frame ( French castle wedding )...

bottom line no damage done thank god 

I fully understand your apprehension..


you’re good mate 

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