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Scar scabs after FUT

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Hi all,


I recently had an FUT procedure for 1200 grafts 3 weeks ago. The incision line looks to be healing nicely with no pain but is still covered in small scabs. Note: the scabs in the receipient area were gone after 10 days.


My doctor advised not to remove the scabs and to allow them dry and to fall off naturally - advise I'm following.


From experience does anyone know when I should expect them to fall off?


Picture attached (slightly graphic).




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It really depends on how well you heal…on average, approximately 3-4 weeks for the scabbing to be done.

I sprayed my strip scar with saline solution post-op approximately 6 times daily for about 3 weeks until nearly all the scabs were gone…also, after the sutures were removed, I very gently used the shampoo solution to remove the loose scabbing and to keep the area clean…at 4 weeks I applied aloe vera cream on the scar at bedtime…I did this on all of my strip procedures and still have one fine scar.

You may feel itching on the scar during the healing process so be careful not to scratch or pick at the scabs.

Congrats on your procedure!


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