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Short hairs after HT

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Hi Everyone

I am watching at the moment the tv series „ Marvels The Punisher“ and asking myself can i cut my hairs short after a HT.

I am not sure if the transplanted area will be visible.

Does someone have some experience?

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In most clinics, the follicle extraction method is performed using the Micro fue method. Harvesting is fast and therefore control over the visibility of the donor area is limited. When the extraction in this method is performed by an inexperienced technician the results can be very bad if you want a short haircut. The recommendation is to do a rescue using the Manual Fue method. In this method, the extraction is slower, but the control over the visibility of the donor area is higher and the survival of the follicles is also higher. In the clinic where I did a hair transplant the surgeon performs hair transplants using this method, I did not do a hair transplant with this method but I recommend to anyone who wants to do a short haircut to do only the Manaul Fue method. Online clinic address: https://estepalace.co.il/

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