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  1. Oh yes i am! It makes me very happy, everytime i see the new Hairline in the Mirror.
  2. Update: 3 Weeks Post HT Shedding started on the temples. Till now, not much shedding overall. I am loosing some hairs, but not realy much. Maybe next week i will lose more on the top
  3. Heyy Thanks buddy, it was Dr. Umut who did my surgery. They said they want to see how they can work on my head first and told me it could take about 3 days. But since the extraction and implantation went relatively well, Dr. Umut said that it might work in 2 days. In the end i'm glad it worked out in 2 days.
  4. hahaha really? This statement gives me great pleasure 😁 Hmm what do you mean with hair caliber measurement?
  5. Thank You! The 150 singles were from day one. Here you can see all the removed grafts. There are a total of 357 singles. Somehow I also fear that these are not enough singles. I calculatet my total Hairs Singles: 357 Doubles: 2640 Multiples: 2970 Grafts x 4 = 11880 The Doc told me i had even some grafts mit 6 Hairs πŸ˜… so assume the Average of the Multiples is 4 Hairs/Graft. This will will be a total of ~14β€˜877 Hairs. I hope this will result to a good density 😁 Lets hope the singles will do their job for a natural lookunk hairlineπŸ™πŸ»
  6. Yes you right, it looks more beige, thatβ€˜s because they cut off my hair very badπŸ˜‚ I asked the Doc multiple Times and he said there is no miniaturization on the crown at the moment.
  7. 1 Day Post HT Here are some Pictures 1 Day after my HT. I am very Happy with the hairline and the temples. What do you thing Guys? This afternoon i will have my PCR test. I hope it will be negative.
  8. They extracted 1200 grafts in that position. I think you can imagine the pain πŸ˜‚. But i think this and the injection on my temples were the most uncomfortable things during the HT. I was surprised how chilled it was to insert the Grafts. I allways tought thats the disgusting part. I was able to watch some netflix, i decided to watch Breaking Bad again. Because i knew thats the most exciting show on Netflix and the Time will fly 😁
  9. Heyy @PizzaWolf nice to read something positive from you! Yes at the consultation there were all docs together! For me that was great, so you had an opinion from everyone! Also the hairline, they gave me like a basic pattern, and i was able to give my opinion and they draw it and discussed all together if it looks good. Dr. Umut was my surgeon. He did nearly all bi his self, only once he needed a break, so Dr. Elif extracted in that session my hairs. However, Dr. Umut always inserted the hair
  10. Oh man, your temples are impressive! That will be a great result! Your face will get a frame again! I will continue to follow this thread happy Growing
  11. Oh yes, they were really long. Especially the first session was horrible. When you have to stay with the facedown on the extraction bed. My face was hurting as hell! I Think Dr. Umut was hating me, because i moves allways my head. But i am happy, that its over now! In 2 hours they will take my bandage off, i am curious how it looks 😁
  12. Hi @PizzaWolf I will habe tomorrow a meeting with de Doc. Than we will talk about also Stopping the DHT. What can you recommend? I think there is only Minoxidil left.
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