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When did you decide to go with DUT instead of FIN and did you stick to it? *topical


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Hey guys I been on Finastride 1MG tablet for 2 years, in last 6 months I would say I felt it lost it's effect as hair started to accelerate to thin and I also experience after 1.5 yrs of using it sides where I felt my sex was no where near the same.

So only in the last 1 week based off what a few others said on this forum, I decided to order TOPICAL DUT from FUECLINIC.COM. They advise you to use once a week for the first 4 weeks, if no sides they then say you can use 2x a week or even every other day.

If anyone is on DUT or decided to go on it, why did you decide that? Which DUT did you go for, topical or oral and did you then stay on it?

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