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dutasteride post hair transplant


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Overkill? Perhaps.  Have you spoken with the doctor about it? That's the first thing I would do.  

If Fin is helping you retain, why bother? Or is it to confirm what else - if anything - you can accomplish? So then the question becomes - what are your goals? 

It is a fact Dutesteride does block alpha 1 and 2.  It'll be interesting to find out what your doctor's thoughts are......

Lastly, the mechanism of action of all existing modalities is totally different and thus there is synergy when used simultaneously.  If you are curious about Dutesteride, why not give some consideration to the other ones as well?

Patient Consultant for Dr. Arocha at Arocha Hair Restoration. 

I am not a medical professional and my comments should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. 

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