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Scab Removal

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Hey guys,

I had a 4200 graft FUT procedure last week. On day 8 post-op, I was instructed to leave a wet face cloth over my head for 45 minutes before gently massaging my scalp with the pads of my fingers. I still had a lot of scabs and dry skin on the scalp that were itchy so later in the day, I made a stupid mistake by continuing to massage the scalp while it was dry. I removed the majority of the scabs but now I’m worried that I may have dislodged/damaged my grafts since my scalp wasn’t wet. I’ve read a lot of conflicting information as to when a graft is considered secure. 

I didn’t experience any bleeding and I didn’t pick the scabs with my nails, I just used my finger pads so I’m hoping that I did not compromise my results. Do you think at 8 days post-op I may have caused damage?

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Just now, Chicago Dude said:

So far so good. I have a lot of itchiness in the back but I know that is to be expected. Dr. Wong provided me with a device to remove the staples at home. My fiancée is going to remove them on day 14 post-op

Oh yes the itching could be around for a while 😬 H&W FUT scars usually end up practically invisible/pencil like thin 👍🏽

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