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Dried minoxidil stuck on scalp

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Hi Forum,

Happy hair growing everyone.

I have a question regarding my own treatment at the moment. I have restarted using minoxidil and within a few weeks of use I have noticed a build up of what I believe are dried hardened lumps of minoxidil stuck onto my scalp in places where I apply it (the reason why I stopped two years ago). 

It seems like 25% of my scalp surface is covered in these hard legions which is quite a lot and I feel this is causing two things - 

- prevention of further minoxidil soaking into my scalp where I need it

- my existing hairs being deprived of air/oxygen and when I gentle pull at the dried scabs to remove them, like 8 hair strands come off with it. It's quite scary!

A question I have to the forum and experts, is whether there is a simple solution to remove the dried minoxidil. Could I apply something to my scalp to dissolve it? Coconut oil? A steriod ointment?

Note, I do suffer from mild psoriasis (not scalp) so this build up on my head could be caused by this, where lumps could be combination of minoxidil and dried skin.

Any advice/comments/questions are welcome.

Thank you,


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