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  1. Thank you @Dr. Glenn Charles, that is reassuring to know. I guess I just found it concerning when viewing my scalp on the 4-5th week that some hairs had grown quite noticeably in length whilst in nearby areas some hairs had remained had the same stubbly short length. Good to know that this is nothing to be concerned about. Thanks, Nylonhair
  2. Hi, Thank you all for the responses to my initial query. Sorry, I am only now seeing some of them and hence the late reply. What I was ultimately trying to understand from the experts, and those who have been through a full HT journey, is whether very small transplanted hairs, 2-4 weeks post surgery, that do NOT look to have grown (as compared to most of the other hairs that have grown longer a little bit), are they a indication that the hair follicle has died during the journey of the transplant (perhaps what they call an 'unsuccessful graft')? Or, to explain myself in another way, should I expect ALL transplant hairs that happen to remain on scalp by around 4th week (or whenever the shedding phase happens to occur - immaterial) to have grown in some length? And therefore, for those which grown 0% (i.e. do not grow) at the time of the shedding phase, should I take this as an indication that these hair follicles didn't survive the hair transplant journey/trauma (at day 0, say) and have died leaving a short hair strand just lodged in my head? Many thanks, Nylonhair
  3. Hi, Do the hairs (that are part of an implanted FUE graft) grow before they shed around 3/4 weeks? I had a HT 2 weeks ago and I would like to know if this can be a way to determine whether some hair roots implanted have survived the transplant journey to the recipient area. I was told I had weak roots so I am concerned if/how many of the roots survived (and how many have died forever). I can see some little implanted hairs which I suspect have not grown since the graft was implanted. Many thanks, Nylonhair
  4. Hi, Are there any recommendations on when to do PRP with a hair transplant? Is it best to do it on the same day as the transplant, a week after or 4 weeks after? I had my transplant performed 5 days ago and on the day I was told by my surgeon to wait 4 weeks post op to have a first session of PRP. Thank you, Nylonhair
  5. Hi ASeda, nice pictures. Looks like you are definitely getting more hair growth. Donor area has also grown back well. Have you got any updated pictures to share? Thanks, Nylonhair
  6. Hi ASeda, have you got an update to share for the last 30 days? Are you seeing further growth? I am planning to have my hair transplant with the same surgeon at Longevita so I'm very interested in how you are getting on. Thank you, Nylonhair
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