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Plateau? Three years of pics and what to do next


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Hi all, I am new to the forums here. I was able to scrape together 3 years of hair loss progress pics I want to share and get advice on. I am 32 now, these pics range from May 2018 - today. I've lost a bit of ground on the right side of my hairline, but comparing the pics from 2020 to 2021, it isn't as bad as I thought. 

I take 1 mg fin daily and take .5 mg of dut once a week. I also use Minox and Niz 1%. Supplements include Saw Palmetto, Collage, and Melatonin (the latter two I guess are considered hair loss supplements now?) 

I was a NW 2.5 - NW 3 by the time I was 16, but my hair loss seems to have stabilized after the initial loss. I didn't start Fin until I was 21. Many people don't believe that I was a NW 3 at 16, but I have a pic at my grandfather's funeral in 2005 where I was a clear NW 3. 

I feel like I am losing some ground around the edges of my hairline, and I think the pics show that I did lose some ground over the past three years. However, I am pretty happy with my hair now, so if I can more or less maintain, I would be happy. Thus I am thinking to go all out on keeping what I have making some regimen changes:

(1) Fin -> Dut, (2) Niz 1 -> 2%, (3) Minox -> Minox -> Minox w/Azelaic Acid, (4) Microneedling, (5) Castor oil. Also considering (but need to research more): oral min, oral dut, laser therapy.  

In the meantime, I have been saving for a good HT as a back up should this fail. I am just wondering everyone else thinks.

First four pics are May 2018

Next three are Feb 2020

The rest are of Sept 2021.



May 2018-1.jpg

May 2018-2.jpg

May 2018-3.jpg

May 2018-4.jpg

Feb 2020.jpg

March 2020.jpg

March 2020-2.jpg

Sept 2021-1.jpg

Sept 2021-4.jpg

Sept 2021-5.jpg

Sept 2021-9.jpg

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