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How soon can you go back to the gym after having an FUE?


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I've been told 2 weeks

On Youtube, some guys who are fitness enthusiasts like me say they go back after 1 week into training.
does anybody have any experience or knowledge about this?

The guys I have done my FUE with have told me 2 weeks, they told me if I go before when you sweat then it can make the grafts move away from each other when means that as they grow back, that there are gaps in your hairline

Just wondering if anyone has been in situation and how you went back into it, I'm a 5-6x a week type of person in the gym so just counting down the days I can put a cap on and go back into the gym

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Each clinic/doctor has its own protocol and you should follow it.  Keep in mind some doctors are more conservative/cautious than others.  With FUT, for example, most recommend 7-14 days and avoid weights for 6-12 mo, particularly those affecting the neck area to avoid the scar from widening.  FUE is different.

With FUE there is no linear scar and the post op process is a lot different and quicker.  Some doctors feel most people are OK within 3 days and can resume normal activity.  Others 7-14 days which may be overkill.  

Once the graft is in place, it can not move.  If there are gaps within grafts and the result ends up thin, it is because the doctor placed the grafts that way.  No such thing about grafts moving away from each other.  

If the doctor said, 2 weeks, I would encourage you to follow his instructions.  If something does go wrong in any way, he can not blame you as you did everything he asked of you.


Patient Consultant for Dr. Arocha at Arocha Hair Restoration. 

I am not a medical professional and my comments should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. 

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