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Shedding very short hair grafts two months post OP - is this normal ?

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So I’m almost 2 months post OP now and something worrying has been happening yesterday and today. Every morning I wake up I see some shedded hairs on my forehead which is normal but this time and yesterday I’ve seen some hairs that were extremely short like a few millimeters. I have not cut my hair on top since the procedure so they are almost 2cm or longer by now so it’s not the normal hairs.

When I look closely I can see a few very small hairs at the very front of the hairline and temples which I think are the grafts that are growing in after they shed. They are the same length as the hairs that I’ve described above so now I’m worried that those very short hairs I’ve lost were supposed to be grafts growing in. Why have I lost them and is this normal ?

I tried searching online for similar cases but couldn’t find anything, I hope I can find an answer here 

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