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Miss finasteride doses i ran out! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yonis osmam

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You need to refrain from taking it 6 months to 1 year to notice the effect on your hair. Starting or stopping finasteride will not have an effect to the hairs you currently have on your head but on the next cycle of your hair, when new hairs emerge from your scalp THAT ONE will be different. 

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Don't stress. It doesn't kick in overnight... i regularly take 6 months off and my hair never suddenly falls out.

 2,000 grafts FUT Dr. Feller, July 27th 2012. 23 years old at the time. Excellent result. Need crown sorted eventually but concealer works well for now.

Propecia and minoxidil since 2010. Fine for 8 years - bad sides after switching to Aindeem in 2018.

Switched to topical fin/minox combo from Minoxidil Max in October 2020, along with dermarolling 1x a week.

Wrote a book for newbies called Beating Hair Loss, available on Amazon

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