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Upcoming HT soon (FUE) asking for some more pre- OP input if grafts are enough

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As the title says, I have my first scheduled HT coming up in some weeks and am obviuosly quite a bit nervous now. (40, M, no meds) 

Seeking ab it of support and external input wheter my decission was correct. After browsing lots and lots of fotos of spotting users in a likley similar situation then mine I am still unsure if the planned graft count of 3500 FUE will be enough. I am aware that I likley need a second HT but also follow the mantra that a virgin skin / extraction site should be harvested as good as possible during the first run. Going to Hattingen, I liked their results the most from the videos and pictures being rather conserverative / age appropriate in the design + great personal chemistry. 

I personally think I rather need 4000 by now (the personal consultation was over a year ago, I had some personal life challenges since then that I believed triggered some additional stress related hair loss - which likley will grow back but I cant know for sure of course). Yes I chatted since with them since but a personal view on the hair status can not be replaced virtually.

Basically I am sure I can discuss upping the graft amount on the day of the surgery and go to 4k if they agree (its planned 2 days anyways already + day 3 for control) but even for this discussion I would like to be prepared with some other views (yours) upfront.

Still also unsure on FUT vs FUE, the surgeon was more inclined to FUT but its a big nope for me having to worry about the scar the rest of my life. I know myself, I would constantly think about the scar and if someone sees it so it has to be FUE or I wont find peace. (i dont mind if anyone sees any "dot scars" + micro pigmentation should help a lot of so). Surgeon said FUE fine as well, I can do a FUT still later if needed (or another FUE whatever happens)

I have realistic expectations, I dont expect a youthfull straight hairline nor is my crown that important to me. I want to finally get rid of the bald spot in the middle as well as filling the temples in maybe halve of the current bald area. Framing the face again is my goal, not super extreme dense or straight hairline as this would look unnatural for my age anyways.  I wear my hair a bit longer usually as well, pictures show just a recent (last time for a longer time ? :) barber cut). Yes I understand longer hairs are even better for FUT Scar coverage but as said, I wont find peace of mind sporting a long scar.

Whats your view - 4000 FUE should be enough ? Am I right with around calculating 1.2k left temple, 1.2k middle, 1.2 right temple and around 500ish crown (for now, second HT as said is sure needed)


looking forward to your thoughts and thanks








Front wet.MP.jpg

Top Wet.jpg

Dry Front.jpg

Dry Donor.jpg

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3,500 for the frontal third looks absolutely normal. Depending on who you're going to, maybe even less than that would also be fine I'd have thought. Different surgeons will do slightly differing amounts.

Not sure I'd even bother with the crown at this stage if I were you as it's nothing that some fibres couldn't resolve if it's really that bothersome. What I would be thinking about though is getting on finasteride and trying to preserve that area for as long as possible and fight future losses in the midscalp behind your newly transplanted hairs.

You've chosen a highly regarded clinic so you'll be in excellent hands.

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Thanks Berba ! I tried topik before but I think it's too messy, if i just barely touched it my fingers where pretty dirty and it messed up white collared shirts etc. Maybe have to try another brand ! 

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