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Increased shedding


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I have been on finasteride since May 2019, so over 2 years now, along with minoxidil. I have always noticed minor shedding when washing hair ect.

Just over a week ago I added microneedling and have changed the area where I am applying minoxidil as advised to me by belgravia center. However when I washed my hair today I notice more hairs in my hand and longer hairs in my hand which is not the norm for me.

I've suffered from hairloss since I was 16, and had a complete receded hairline by around 18 years old. Perhaps this means my hairloss is agressive? I am happy to keep what I have at the moment and maybe I'd be better off switching completely to dutasteride as this affected me from a young age.

Any advice or feedback would be very appreciated.  Thankyou

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