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My urination frequency has increased after switching from Finasteride to Dutasteride


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So I started on Finasteride around 2007 and have been taking it continuously since then.

Around 2017 I started taking Dutasteride once a week which I then upped to twice a week and now three times a week.

For most of that time I continued to take finasteride except on the days I was taking Dutasteride and over approximately the last year I have basically stopped the finasteride and just focused on the 3 Dut a week.

Now I have no idea if this is related to the above but over the last year the amount I need to urinate during the night has increased a lot to the point where it disturbs my sleep.

I dont know if this is

  • Unrelated to the medication or 
  • Because of dropping the finasteride or
  • Because of taking up Dutasteride

I know frequent urination is related to enlarged prostates. And I know both Fin and Dut are used to treat that. So Im confused why I would be experiencing this. Any thoughts?

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I started on Fin for a year and had zero sides. Switched to Dut 2 years ago and still have zero sides. 

I would say the urinary thing is unrelated. If say you were getting erections fine on Fin and suddenly cant get it up on Dut, now that would be the Dut.

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