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2500 slower grower catches up at 14 month by Dr. Lindsey

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So results and growth arrive in a time frame bell curve...with the average final results somewhere around 13-14 months.  That said...I usually try to get guys to show up at 6 months when there is about 40 or 50 percent growth...to remind people it will get kind of better and worse and then better on out to a year  or a year and a half....


And of course when someone is a fast grower...everyone, me included, is all excited.  But for every fast grower...there is a slower one.  And then of course the patient starts to think its not working.  Forutunately "not working" is really rare at a reputable office and everyone...again me included...just needs to be patient.

So here is an example of a slow grower.  His case was unremarkable, we saw him at 9 months and really not much was happening.   Now by 9 months MOST people are pretty well growing...so I asked him to come back after 13 months.  Wendy saw him at a store and noted he was catching up and sure enough when he came in he's just about where he ought to be.  I expect to see him in the future and get a final update...but the message here is to be patient. 

I wish everyone was a fast grower...but it is simply not the case.   If you are a slower grower...communicate with your doctor...they almost certainly want you to get a good result as much as you do...  It can be frustrating when patients lose faith and go away before enough time is given.  I see people every other week who are 9 months out from a surgery from somewhere else...who have given up.  I tell them not to give up yet...to go back to their original doctor and if at 18 months or so they haven't significantly improved....then we can discuss options.


Lastly....while it would seem like finer hair folks would be the usual "slow growers" it is simply not the case...growth rates, fast and slow..appear to be equally spread across great hair, average hair, and weaker hair.  In fact a guy I play cards with with AWESOME hair....has been very slow to grow...and only now at 10 months is really kicking in and growing.


The video is:




Dr Lindsey 
McLean VA

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William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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