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SMP and non-alcoholic minoxidil

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I've have been using topical minoxidil for the past 4 years and finasteride pills for 1 year and will perform a SMP in two weeks.

Since the ethanol in Minoxidil can dilute the ink I have bought an "alcohol-free" 5% minoxidil solution that contains phenoxyethanol. My plan is to use this for a month starting after the first session SMP and then go back to using regular Minoxidil. 


My questions are: 

1) Can going from regular to alcohol free minoxidil for 1 month result in hair loss?

2) Can the non-alcoholic minoxidil interfere with the pigmentation? 

3) Should I just discontinue the minoxidil for 1 month, rely on the finasteride and then resume?



Ingredients of non-alcoholic minoxidil are:


aqua, lactic acid, polysorbate 80, lavandula officinalis water, parfum, phenoxyethanol, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, ethylhexylglycerin, BHT, 

juniperus communis fruit oil, juniperus virginiana wood oil, amyris balsamifera bark oil, lavandula angustifolia herb oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, 

eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, acidity regulator


Thankful for any insight or help!

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