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Getting peed off with Dr Diep. Spent a  small fortune with him  back in 2017 with HT  & trying to get my prescription filled with him & surgery is becoming a fight everytime & I don't call very often bugging him or anything.

Made a phone call to his surgery they made me a appointment for a quick chat on phone, standard stuff, takes like 30 seconds basic questions between patient & Dr  & they staff made me wait 3 wks for a quick phone appointments chat at 930pm my time & 630 California time. Then set my calendar to date & time waited for the call till 10pm & nothing, called surgery no answer & could not even leave a message due to  VM inbox fill up.  Sent a email same night 2 days later reply was sorry for inconvenience we have rescheduled you in August to speak with Dr Diep.  Are they real or what?  We all know that Dr Diep bedside manners are not good but this is piss poor post service to his past patients who spent a lot of money with him.  I'm well pissed off & 3 wks ago at the start  I ask  the girl can you not refill my prescription? She said point blank no you have to speak with Dr....okay so now today  email says they can fill it while I wait till August.......well why didn't that 3 wks ago then? 

Need to find a different method in getting my Meds cas Dr Diep  & his surgery is hard work & not very good commications  I like the guy but still.....( shake head, roll eyes) just to get a dam prescription called in is a act of congress.

Before admin ask no I don't want you guys to get involved but want to give people here heads up of what his & his surgery ways are especially past patients & must be noted for the community to see.

Anyways Rant over just wanted to vent a second😉🙄👍

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