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My Hair Transplant - MEDEKS HAIR CENTER (Istanbul) - 5300 Grefts | 25.05.2021

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Hello Everybody! I had been reading up on hair transplantation and good clinics in Istanbul for 3-4 months here and in many other forums, and would like to share my experience at Medeks Hair Center with you here.

I am 25 years old and lately the hair now became less and less and I decided to have a hair transplant in Turkey. Not only the price was important for me, but also the quality. After a long research I came to Medeks Hair Center - at first I was very unsure because there were also people with bad results, but the more recent experiences showed that this clinic is quite good, and some people who also had a hair transplant there convinced me with their results.

I had my hair transplant surgery on 5/25/2021 (5300 Grefts) - I was most concerned about pain, which apparently some patients experienced a lot (anesthesia); I actually didn't feel that much pain, only the first 2-3 minutes were a bit painful, but after that everything was very fine.

First, the grefts were taken, and right after that, Mr. Gökhan drew the front hairline. Then the "canals" were opened, and the grefts were implanted. Everything went quite well - of course the first 10 days were not quite fine, because one should only sleep straight in order not to damage the grefts, but on the 10th day, after the crusts had now fallen off, I could sleep normally again. I actually had hardly any pain after the operation. Now I am on day 13 after my surgery, and have attached on YouTube the first 10 days compiled. Until the 1st year, I will post all my experiences here and on YouTube.


My Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYr9bokBP7M

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