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3200 graft Asmed - Dr. Koray Erdogan


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Hi all, it took me a while to get the courage and share my experience with you, I ve been keeping an eye on the forum for a while before I decided to have a hair transplant surgery. I ve been reading about doctors, I ve been checking your results here and on few other forums before making my mind and go for Dr. Koray Erdoğan at Asmed Clinic.

I am 39 years old and my frontline has been receeding especially in the past 5 years, looking at my old pictures I began to notice, as in the meantime I became an expert at hiding it while styling my hair 

So, as I’ve been working from home for over a year now given the pandemics, I said it would be the right time to get this done

I had my surgery on the 30th May, so one day before the procedure, I went to the clinic for the consultation with Dr. Koray, prior to the surgery. In order to even get into the clinic, one must pass through these doors that launch disinfecting spray all over your body. Then they test your temperature to see if you have a fever and make you change your mask for a new one. After the Covid-19 test we went to the routine ones, like ECG, blood tests . Once these were good, I met my patient coordinator, Andreea, who accompanied me to the next steps, as following. First, they took my pictures, professional cameras, both dry and wet hair (once again, a bigger shock to see actually the dimensions of my hairloss area ).

Then we went back to the lobby, listen to some nice piano music and Andreea, my patient coordintor, explained what would happen next, during the consultation with the doctor and the next day. I must admit, I was nervous before, who would not be?! But as soon as I stept into the clinic I felt reassured that I am in the right place, sorrounded by the right people.

So, we got to the consultation with Dr. Koray, moment of truth - after the doc checked my hair (density, caliber), calculated my donor capacity and also made the design of my frontline he also recommended to adress the temple peaks area, which would make a difference by framing my face, according to the doc. I checked in the mirror and liked the design, then the doctor explained the characteristics of my hair and answered all my questions, recommended to use Finasteride especially for the crown area, where I also have thinning hair. Started using medication some day.

I got my hair shaved, washed, then they took pictures of my donor area and went to the Ke Bot. Again Dr. Koray draw my hairline, checked pictures and robot analysis, based on which there were to make the plan of my surgery.

Now fast forward, getting to the big day, the surgery day

I had a very nice surprise to see what tech they have in there - WOW - I could see number of hairs, grafts, projection on my head, donor area, occipital, parietal, where to extract from, where to place the hairs, everything first -rate. Even all the hairs that were implanted were counted real time.
Surgery went smooth, pain was quite manageable and cold senstion was solved with a heated blanket. During the day I was able to watch a movie or listen to some music, also got some sleep.  Dr. Koray and the team that has operated me were very kind and offering true comfort.

Next day they washed my hair, removed my bandage and explain how I should take care of my hair for the next 10-12 days, also provided the lotion and shampoo I was going to use.

I can tell overall I am very happy about the way everything happened and especially by now when I look in the mirror the design of my frontline looks amazing, I m very excited and cannot wait to see the regrowth, still I know I have around one year of waiting ahead, but good things come to those who wait

I leave here the pictures with my current situation, now it s almost one month after surgery, with shedding stage about the happen.

If you have any questions will try my best to answer and post my pics every month, so that you can see my results and share your thoughts with me.










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Dear Oldboy,


Thank you for sharing your experience and photos.

Wish you an amazing recovery period.


Best regards,

Suzana Kubinek

ASMED  Clinic



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ASMED Surgical Medical Center

Dr Koray Erdogan. Istanbul, Turkey

- For info, evaluations and quotations: htn@asmed.com.tr

- Telephone Contacts (Numbers active in working time and 24h for urgencies):

Main number : (+90) 216 464 11 11

USA: (+1) 8454612049

UK: (+44) 2035191146

- Free online consultation: Online Consultation Form

- For additional information on our clinic, cost and photos:

Asmed Hair Transplant Official Website

- Our Official Facebook Page

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