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Hair transplant advice/questions

Yonis osmam

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 Is hair transplant or artificial implant an option if you are destined to reach NW6/NW7?. Or would be a waste and end up  with bad coverage?. I Know nw7 is a problem due to limited donor area. I probably have the fastest type of aggressive balding as i'm at  Nw5  7 months after hair loss started.  Can dht resistant hair follicles harvested from donor area die? I started taking Finasteride too  late at nw4.  Should i wait until i'm 25  Even if go slick bald.

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If you are quickly heading towards NW 7 then the hair in your "safe" zone on the sides and back of your head may not be so safe. You could be losing hair in those areas. Even if you are not losing hair there now, you may lose some of it (or a lot of it) later. It really depends on your genetic pattern, but aggressive patterns are usually the ones where hair loss becomes evident on the sides and back too.  If the hair on the sides and back are genetically destined to start noticeably thinning in the next 5 years, but you transplant hair from there now, then in 5 years that transplanted hair will be falling out just as it would have if you hadn't transplanted it.

My personal opinion is that anyone who seriously thinks they are headed to NW 7 needs to be able to use probably 6000 to 8000 beard and chest grafts and as few scalp grafts as possible if they really want to try a hair transplant and have it be successful. If you don't have an extremely thick beard and at least some decent chest hair then you may not get a very good outcome.




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