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Hair transplant over SMP

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Hi all, I have been lurking for a little while here.

I am slightly worrying at the moment so any advice would be great., I currently have SMP that is just a little too low to cover with FUE, I have my Hair transplant appointment booked in for the middle of June 2021 and I am looking to get laser removal 3-6 months after getting HT to the hair line that isn't going to be covered by fue. Is it safe to laser the SMP and go into the hairline slightly 3 months after FUE. Are the grafts likely to die and never regrow? There is conflicting reports online when reading, some doctors saying no damage at all as the laser doesn't penetrate deep enough to damage the follicle, others saying there may be some damage.  Pictures before SMP and 2 years later. I do have a couple of days growth in the pictures so it looks abit uneven.








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I am in the same situation. 

I had the SMP lasered off right up to the hairline, but not any further up yet.

My HT Dr’s clinic also does SMP laser removal so they did extra research into this and assured me it will not kill the grafts, but I still have not gone up into the hairline yet.

It is a bit annoying because when I stick my hair at the front up you can see the old SMP.

But I use fibres / dermatch to thicken up my hairline now anyway, and when I put that on top of the SMP it looks fine. Otherwise, I just brush my hair forward at the front.

It seems wrong to laser off the smp under my hairline, just to then cover it back with fibres any way… so far I have just left it. Sometimes it the SMP makes it look better, sometimes worse… depends on the hair style at the front. The final pic below is with no fibers, just transplanted hair on top of SMP

Your SMP looks much better than mine so it might look good under the transplant. It definitely helped during the first 3 months to have SMP.

However, I think I will go for it eventually and laser off maybe 1cm into my hairline, just so that I can brush it up and it looks like thin hair rather than the weird blue shade that I currently have.

When I go for it, I will let you know whether the grafts survive or not!




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