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Help Choosing a Beard Transplant Surgeon in Turkey

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Hey everyone!

I want to get a beard transplant, I will need around 2000 grafts for my beard from my scalp.

Turkey seems to be the best option for me when it comes to price / quality, and I have narrowed down my search to HLC, Bicer, Yamal, and Dr Doganay.

I'm aware Doganay was removed from the recommended list, but one of his patients shared photos last year of probably the best beard transplant seen on this site. Because of this I'm definitely considering him. Plus he seems to be a bit cheaper than others. 


Does anyone have any examples of succesful HLC, Bicer, Yamal beard transplants?

There is one Bicer beard transplant result posted here, but unfortunately there are no photos after some time to see how the beard actually looked like after.



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