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Hattingen Personal Consultation

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Hi all, 

I have a personal consultation with Hattingen in Switzerland in July. Has anybody been to their clinic near the city of Schafhausen? 

I attempted to have personal consultation with two other so-called leading clinics in Europe, but I was far from impressed by their responses. I understand that they can't say much based on recent photos, or commit to anything, but a two line response from a clinic telling me I need roughly XY amount of grafts and the cost of each graft (as in, do the math yourself) + invitation to make an appointment for the actual transplant, hardly made me invest time and money into paying them a personal visit for consultation. Hattingen was by far the most informative and seemed most honest. And, it was also the only clinic that actually said it would be best to have a personal consultation and not make any decisions based on photos and Skype. 

Anyone had recently experience with Hattingen; consultation or procedure? 

Thanks for sharing. 

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The virtual consultation I had with Dr.Muresanu was excellent. You immediately feel that he's an ethical surgeon with the patient's best interests at heart. He's straight forward as well which I appreciated. He will not try to sell you a surgery, if anything, during my consultation he was hesitant to perform surgery on me and asked me to explore other avenues (medication, topicals) first.

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