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Fin/min & micro needling 6 months results


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I’m 38 and been losing my hair since early 20’s. About 6-7 years ago I finally gave in and started to buzz my head regularly. Last year after a coworker revealed to me he had a hair transplant(with good result). I began to wonder could I get my hair back as a nw6-7? So I grew my hair for 2 months to see what I was working with. That’s the first picture taken in November. At that point I had a consultation with a local Doctor and was booked for surgery in February. I eventually canceled it because I knew I was a little too excited and was rushing it and knew I didn’t want to do  FUT which this Doctor pushes very hard. I started minoxidil in December then eventually got on finasteride in February. I started micro needling once a week too. I had some consultations to get FUE and wanted to aim for surgery in the spring. A clinic told me they won’t even evaluate me until I been on the drugs for 6-12 months. This changed my perspective that I should do everything to strengthen my hair first. So Im now wanting to shoot for surgery in the fall. But now I’ve got new hair coming in which is great but scared a hair transplant would jeopardize weak hairs that could become terminal. I hope to keep progressing but also scared of a shed. In the meantime I just going to keep growing it out and see if I can get a proper combover😆.



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