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Questions about hair transplant for my situation

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Hi everyone,


First of all very thankful I was introduced to this place and thankful for all the great posts I’ve been seeing so far.


I had a few questions regarding a hair transplant as well as medication. I am currently 25 years old and I have always had a very high hairline and thin/fine hair. I would estimate Nw 2.5 at least, maybe a 3. I don’t believe my hair situation is any worse since puberty, I have been looking at old pictures (high school graduation age 18) and it looks very similar. No men in my family have gone 100% bald, my dad who is almost 60 has better hair than me (nw2ish). My paternal grandpa was probably a nw4-5 and maternal grandpa was probably a nw3 but lost the crown in his 70’s. I am currently NOT on any hair loss medication. I am going to be 100% honest here in that, while having hair would be nice, it is 10000% secondary to my overall health and I am not willing to risk serious side effects from medication, especially as it relates to sexual function. I am not trying to disrespect or talk down to anyone who does at all whatsoever, this is just my personal opinion for my personal body. If I have to eventually go with a shaved head in 20 years that is fine by me, or sooner, but if I’m going to pay good money for a HT obviously the longer the better. So anyway, the questions I had are:



1) if I do eventually shave my head, say in 20 years or whenever, Is the scarring going to be obvious if this is done by a great doctor?


2) while I am pretty against medicine, I am not 100% against it, I am still considering though for the past several years I decided I’d rather go bald than have serious side effects. Besides potentially losing my current hair and not the transplanted hair, are there other downsides to not being on medicine and having a HT?


3) one other option for me that I would consider is waiting a few more years and seeing if my hair situation stays the same or gets worse before going with a HT. As I’ve said, going bald isn’t the end of the world for me, I would rather have hair of course but it isn’t going to destroy me if I lose. I am pretty confident I have not lost hair since puberty and the men in my family didn’t lose hair until they were much older in life. Is this a better idea for me as far as a HT?


thank you for your time.


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1. It doesn’t matter which doctor you go to if you shave your head you should be prepared to see scarring whether it’s FUT or FUE. How bad the scars are depend mostly on the surgeons skills and also your own physiology. 

2. The downside to having a great HT while not on meds is continually losing more hair. So you need to be mentally prepared to have multiple surgeries if that happens. 

3. Most ethical doctors won’t consider doing surgery on someone until they are at least 25, especially if they aren’t on meds. Some won’t operate at all on a patient not on meds. So you’re at the right age at 25 to consider it.  But that doesn’t mean it’s less risky. My brother lost the majority of his hair after he turned 30 for example. It’s all about measuring risk. 

I recommend you do a lot more research on this forum. Not just the incredible cases but the ones that didn’t turn out well with poor growth and bad scarring or continued hair loss. Once you’re cut, your cut. 

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Thank you for the reply James. I am speaking with a few doctors now and I will see what they ultimately say. I was reviewing with my dad pictures of my late grandfathers this afternoon and realized that they both actually had pretty similar hairlines to me, but did not lose any more hair until they were very old and even then, kept the majority. I know this isn’t 100% my course, but still nice to know. I suppose it comes down to the risk for me if I want to gamble on having to do more procedures in the future (with limited grafts). Dr. Konior told me my donor area is quite good, from pics I provided anyway. I absolutely plan to do a lot more research, including in-person consultations, before I commit to anything. Thanks for the info about your brother, definitely makes me consider waiting 5 more years, I know that isn’t uncommon.

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