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Microneedling without Minoxidil?

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I cannot use Minoxidil or Finesteride due to side effects so am looking for alternative ways to stop or at least slow my hairloss. 

I cannot see anywhere if microneedling alone can be effective - i.e. without Minoxidil.

All the people I see posting they have had good results from microneedling seem to be using Minoxidil too. 

I'd be very grateful if anyone could let me know if there's any evidence on its effect without Minoxidil or point me to someone who has had results just from microneedling alone. 


Many thanks!

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If I were you and couldn't use fin/min, but wanted to make the most out of microneedling:

- PRP 3x a year

- Stemoxydine every day - works in a similar way to minoxidil but without the side effects

- Topical dutasteride which is side effect free - see mustang's post

Microneedling on its own would not be very effective. 

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