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1300 hundred graft FUE no recepient shave


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So after more than a decade of initial thinking I finally got my FUE procedure done. My first consultation as with Bosley 12 years ago and they asked for a  complete shave for a FUT. Because it was my initial career stage and a formal office setting , getting a month or 2 off was extremely difficult and wearing cap in office was not an option. So I procrastinated

My hair loss was limited to front hairline by less than an inch which seems to be stabilized for like last 10 years starting at age of 23. I have been apprehensive about hair transplants : If they work or not or even if they work for some will they work for me or how my scalp will react to transplanted hair.  Since I was apprehensive I waited so long and finally got a no recipient shave FUE but only 1300 grafts. Doctor asked me for anything between 1300 to 1800  depending how far behind I want to cover.

I would not even call it an operation. It was smooth and yes there was some pain (less than a root canal). So as they say most doctors get a lot of help from the technicians in putting the hair inside the slots and so was my case with guidance from the doctor. But extraction and punching was just the doctor and also a part of front hair line placement . So I would say its not just the doctor that matter its the experience of the technicians helping in surgery. 

Progress: Used neck pillow for 3 days as had some discomfort for 3 days. Used painkiller and antibiotic for 3 days.  I was also using liposomal ATP spray for 3 days, I had scabs till about 13 days which I gently removed after long soak and baby shampoo.

After a month I still have almost 70 % of grafts. Its not clearly visible in my pics though.

Good: Healing was quick and I could go out and socialize just after a month without needing a cap. My donor area hair has grown and I could get a fade away kind of haircut. So hair transplant not noticeable with a certain hairstyle.

Its only a month and things have been looking fine but in case my procedure has a successful result a couple of things I would change.

I should have probably got this done few years back.

I should have done some more grafts (1800) as if you are going through the session and the whole healing process its better to get a chunk of it done.

I think its ok to get this done in 20s as long as you build a conservative hairline and take into account future hair loss. Because  you are not loosing those grafts, they will remain with you. But please do not aim for a teenage hairline in your 20s.

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