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  1. I always thought that FUT+FUE gets more but I like your point that even with FUT if you take out a strip the neighboring scalp will stretch to cover the area hence the lowering hair density which should be similar to FUE. If your overall donor scalp surface area remains same then reduction in density should be same in FUE and FUT but maybe there are some additional constraints which is causing the result which Dr Shapiro mentioned 1) FUE is causing more accidental transection of neighboring hair and doctors are ignoring that fact or it is causing more permanent loss of neighboring hair as it is spread across 2) In FUT when neighboring skin is stretching maybe the new skin cells are getting generated in the area which have some additional hair . Very unlikely though. 3) When performing FUT your overall scalp becomes smaller maybe the hairline near the neck gets stretched a little upwards . 🙂 Just unproven hypothesis 🙂
  2. Seems even .5mg Dutasteride reduces DHT by larger percentage than 5 mg Finasteride daily and has slightly lesser side affect. Usually doctors prescribe Finasteride though. Comparison of Clinical Trials With Finasteride and Dutasteride (nih.gov)
  3. Thanks. Yeah shaving is such a pain as it comes with ugly duckling phase. Since I had a ceremony coming up in a month, I couldn't go with shave option. I was back in business in a month. Good luck with your procedure.
  4. Yes, I pushed for the lower count because I wanted to hang on to keeping the FUT option open for my next transplant. Have heard FUT+FUE maximises graft count. Probably should have just forgotten about FUT option. Another thing was that before transplant I had some thinning hair at recipient but seems transplant expedited the process of their depletion which is ok. For now I am happy that I don't have to do a comb over and hope to get some more density in coming months.
  5. I might have posted some pics before in separate thread but lost he handle. I did a no shave fue 5.5 months ago. Results have been ok so far. I only did 1400 approx FUE to restore hairline because my top/crown is also thinning and wanted to have option open for FUT+FUE for the next one if my hair loss speeds up. After 5.5 months I have some growth but in wet hair I can still see a lot of scalp. When dry and indoor lighting it looks better. Not dense but looks very natural which is ok with me. A couple of questions. Does my growth look ok , Can I hope for double then density as my final result from current state For front hairline (2) inch is it common practice to use around 2500 grafts maximum so to save 4000 for midscalp and crown if you go NW6 in future? I may consider another hairline work for 1500 grafts in a couple of years but just wanted to have an estimate. First pic is 23 days post op. Since it was shaveless, it is very similar to my before pic which unfortunated I dont have with my hair back. Second and Third are after 5.5 months around and one is dry other is with Vaseline based cream applied
  6. I think the reason why people start to become nervous at 4-6 months including me is because there are many patients who get such a spectacular result at 5-6 months. I am around 5.5 months and I think I am around 50 % growth ( at least that's what I am hoping). I can still clearly see scalp through my hairline. Hopefully it gets better in few months. For crown it takes even longer than hairline to show growth so you have to wait atleast 2-3 months before even thinking about the result. Not sure if you are taking propecia but for crown it helps a lot.
  7. I used hair transplant as an excuse 🙂 to relax and chill out for a month before hitting the gym again. I did start mild jogging and biking in 2 weeks and no problem at all. As people have said just wait for 2 weeks, gym will probably still be there.
  8. I used to have fringe before but over the years I have lost density on the top area. I only had front hairline transplant so I moved to using the backward brushed airstyle but not extremely. It depends if you do not have density on top areas and only did frontal transplant then Fringe may not work best. I was also not sure but once I got used to new hairstyle it seems to be fine. Getting density on the top scalp region is a big effort by transplant so for now back or top brush works
  9. It shouldnt be happening 5 months late. This may need your doctors input. I am 5 months post transplant and I still use a soft brush to comb the recipient area else I get little irritation. Something like below may help if you don't mind the color. I would say avoid scrubbing comb against the scalp at recipient for a couple more months. Wet Brush Speed Dry Hair Brush - Pink : Target
  10. Well sometime these things take a long time before they get noticed. Remember talcum powder used to be very common for so many years until it was found to be carcinogenic. Not saying that concealers are necessarily dangerous but lack of articles is not exactly a stamp of safety check, specially for a product which is used by a very limited group. I use it but I think being careful and even wearing a mask while applying it is not necessarily a bad idea.
  11. For men in 30s and 40s a more matured and conservative hairline looks better and natural than aiming to have a teenage or low hairline. Of course conserving donor hair is another very important aspect of it.
  12. He is a good Doctor and clinic seemed nice. But last year he was using ARTAS so I had to go with other option. I was hesitant to go under a Robot then. I have watched Terminator too many times. Maybe technology will improve if given a chance but I don't want to be the one giving it a chance 🙂 .
  13. The result is good. A little bit of feathered look at the hairline is ok . It gives a more natural look specially as we age.
  14. Looks clean and good. Some people use Aloe Vera after some time if there is any itching. Probably you know the drill of keeping the scalp clean with baby shampoo etc and some people take multivitamin after the transplant. Be careful to avoid any accidental head bumps. Happy growing
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