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Bosely Clinic

Opinion of the Bosley Clinics  

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You should add ripoff and worst decision of your entire life going there.


Read this:


From DateLine The TV Show


The television show Dateline NBC aired a program titled: Splitting Hairs; undercover investigation of Bosley Medical Clinics. The report, which included interviews with former employees and patients, told about botched surgeries and broken promises. The lead reporter, Chris Hansen, said they were surprised at how many men felt ripped off and disfigured. An interview with former Bosley employee Joe Cox revealed that there was a big gap between what Bosley Medical sold and what it delivered:


HANSEN: Did you ever see any patient come into Bosley and walk out looking like the brochure, like the advertisements we've seen?


Mr. Cox: No.


HANSEN: Never?


Mr. Cox: Never.


HANSEN: What does that tell you about the kind of work Bosley Medical does?


Mr. Cox: It tells me that it's not a medical group, it's a sales group.


P.S. I was personally lied to and ripped off by them and now know personally of hundreds of other individual who e-mail me. My guess is that after two years from letting their butchers work on them, 95% of all people regret it, if not higher. Sad part is I am not kidding or trying to exaggerate.

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hey check out this bosley work by Lee Bosley himself:






Nice, ey?


Thats not a Hair Transplant


thats Assault with a Weapon, and Lee Bosley deserves life in prison or the electric chair for crimes against humanity for that kind of barbaric medical procedure. Instead he's made millions and living a life of luxury.


In my opinion, He's a criminal and is running a criminal enterprise.

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