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Telogen Phase follicle extraction during strip surgery..

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In any given strip, there will be a number of healthy follicles that are in the telogen phase. You could also be experiencing higher than normal dormancy due to seasonal shedding. Or you could be going through a massive shed due to meds.


The question is, are these dormant follicles discarded by the techs after the strip is removed because there is not a hair attached? This is something I've never seen addressed and could be very important if you are shedding at a higher rate than normal because of the factors mentioned.

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On average, 10% of the hair is in the telogen phase at any time in the normal individual. The telogen hairs are more likely to be part of the larger follicular unit grafts, the 3,4, and 5 hair follicular units. This is yet another advantage of using transillumination and microscopes in the slivering and graft trimming processes.

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