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New Histogen Post: Would Love Mod Feedback

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Hey, I didn't get much feedback to my post recently about Histogen, which kind of makes me think the mods and the people who pay a lot of attention to this stuff think it's bunk.


New news though: Histogen is now selling ReGenica already (at quite a hefty price). So apparently this stuff doesn't require a lot of FDA approval....at least in its topical application.


Which of course brings me to point out that the hair regrowth trials they are doing involve injecting the scalp with this stem cell concoction.


Do these results impress you guys, and do you believe them? If this is legit, I think it could be an extremely valuable tool in the fight against hair loss.



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This could probably be the answer to hair loss.


Problem is if I'm correct marketing won't begin till 2015. Or maybe I misread the article I seen. You said its available already? Are you sure you are not referring to the skin product? Also what price tag are we looking at?


Lastly from what I seen from their site and the studies done its all very promising so far. Hairs have grown and remaining hairs are thicker. If anything with minimum results it would be a great in conjunction prior to getting any HT

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