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Ten Days After HT

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Hey Everyone,


I just got my stitches out today and most of the crust was loose, so my Dr had me go home and was my hair which almost all of the crust off. Of course I saw our good friend shock loss, but I noticed that the recipient sites are a little soar now. The little hairs are still there so I think everything is okay. Have you guys also gone through this soreness and is it just that the crusts are no detached and it is just back to fresh skin?





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I'm not sure I experienced a "soreness" in the recipient area 10 days after the hair transplant, but i did experience some tingling and a lot of itching. It's possible if you dislodged a scab through finger tip massage, that it may have caused a hint of pain or soreness.


I'm sure you'll be just fine. However, if you suspect a problem, be sure to speak to your physician.


Best wishes,



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