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Someone knows Follon products - Another Shameless Promotion Attempt

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I am 51 years old and after the stress from work (reorganization), I've noticed that I was losing more and more hair. I'm looking for a product that is natural, effective and easy to use. I've heard about the Follon line. Does someone knows about it?

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I'm using "Follon" products since 1st of April 2008 (it's not a fool's day joke) and what a change after that, are very smooth everyday and the aspect is almost perfect, and even more, my hair is more thick that it was 4 monts ago! I'm very satisfied with this hair treatment. I advise you to take this and do it very seriously, you will be well compensated I'm sure... I understand your pain but we must persevere with great patience and method, it pays... Good luck and give me the good news.

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If your question was legitimate, why is it that you rejoined with a new alias (monalisa37) and answered your own question as if you were a satisfied consumer?


An IP address check confirms you are one and the same person. Therefore, your "question" was simply a gateway you could use to promote your product without doing it blatantly.


Frankly, blatant promotion would have been less shameful.


I must admit however, posting a question and answering it days later was almost convincing.


Covert posting is frowned upon by this community and we don't tolerate attempts to deceive.


Without knowing anything about "Follon", all you accomplished here was the beginning of giving this product a bad reputation for shameless promotion.


You are (both) suspended.



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